TRAVVO | A Brand Inspired and Curated by Real-life Travellers

Ethical Production

By choosing recycled materials as much as possible, Travvo tries its best to be a sustainable clothing brand leaving less environmental impact to the planet. The team work diligently with all vendors to control the usage of water and hazardous chemicals.

 Once the two met up to share their visions, everything seemed to fall into place. David has extensive knowledge and diligent experience in manufacturing, while Elisa knows how to sell and market the product. They both value quality over quantity. They both want to curate high-performance products to prove that utility and fashion do not necessarily come with a ridiculous price tag. 

In order to deliver the quality promised, they decided to adopt a boutique manufacturing model to challenge the fast fashion trend, in which they keep all technology in-house and their products made by elite teams craftsmen and women in small group of four to six people. The result is a much longer lead time, and much higher production cost — but the product is finally brought to perfection, with the optimal adaptability and durability Elisa has always wanted.

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Travvo is a premium designer brand of high-performance technical apparel that inspire a passionate lifestyle of modern city-dwellers, travellers and explorers.

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