From Idea to Action.

Being a lifetime traveller who loves to explore new places whenever possible, Elisa has found it more difficult than it seems to track down a jacket that is high quality, versatile, yet also stylish. Such frustration has prompted her to start seeking the opportunity to make the perfect jacket in her mind. After twelve months of research, in the early fall of 2018, the first prototype of our “Urban Trek Jacket” was born. Elisa knew that she needed a reliable partner to put the idea into action. She recalled her husband’s uncle — David Yan — operates a production facility with workers trained for decades to deliver premium quality at global standard. She decided to reach out to him.

Our Heritage


From Theory to Practice.

Once the two met up to share their visions, everything seemed to fall into place. David has extensive knowledge and diligent experience in manufacturing, while Elisa knows how to sell and market the product. They both value quality over quantity. They both want to curate high-performance products to prove that utility and fashion do not necessarily need to come with a ridiculous price tag.


Look good, and feel good.

The jacket has to look and feel good on everyone. To discover the best fit possible, Elisa partnered with Blanche Tring, an experienced sportswear and outdoor designer who has held important roles at The North Face and Haglöfs AB. Blache’s professionalism and innovative ideas have vastly contributed to the modern and comfortable silhouette and refined construction of all essential features.

Boutique Manufacturing. Boutique Pricing.

Thereafter, the pursuit of Travvo’s uncompromised quality and incredible fit is now in the trusted hands of David and Blanche, who has given valuable opinion to enhance the prototype in terms of fabric selection and garment construction. In order to deliver the quality promised, the team decided to adopt a boutique manufacturing model to challenge the fast fashion trend, in which they keep all technology in-house and their products made by small groups of elite craftsmen. The result is a much longer lead time, and much higher production cost — but guarantees the greatest attention to detail and quality control. The product is finally brought to perfection, with the optimal adaptability and durability Elisa has always wanted.


“We are constantly listening — Travvo cultivates a community of real-life urban travellers who share the same passion and love for life. Our products respond to people. They feature what people want in real-life, we are only here to collect those ideas and make them possible.”

At Travvo, we promise you will be heard.

Everyone could contribute to our next product’s success. Our goal? To make sure every single opinion is heard. Join our community to bond with other urban travellers around the world.

Travvo is a premium designer brand of high-performance technical apparel that inspire a passionate lifestyle of modern city-dwellers, travellers and explorers.

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